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Integrated Human Development Program (IHDP) was conceived and started by the Fathers of Holy Cross in the year 1990. Fr. M.C. Abraham, the erstwhile Provincial, with the help of Dr. Santiago (consultant to Misereor in Human development Promotion) gave birth to IHDP. Fr. Mathew Ullatil, CSC became the first director and with the starting of several grassroots level groups, IHDP took a concrete shape.

During the 1994 Provincial chapter, the Holy Cross Fathers sharpened their vision of Apostolate. They said, ' all our social activities be oriented towards empowering the people to meet the challenges and their needs through a process of conscientization''. After three years (1995) Dr. Santiago evaluated IHDP phase I (1992-1995) with the participants of the program and planned for the second phase of IHDP. Fr. Maurice D'Souza , CSC the erstwhile Provincial and Dr. Santiago showed keen interest especially in the planning stage of IHDP phase II.

Fr. Arul Jaganathan, CSC was appointed as the new Director of IHDP phase II (1996-1999). From 1996 IHDP had new lease of life and there was a steady increase in the number of Self Help Groups (SHG). By March 1999 there were 155 SHGs, out of which 90were only women, 4 of them men and 61 of them mixed groups from 115 villages. The women, being most exploited of all, have benefited from this program.

In the meantime Jana Unnayan Samiti Tripura (JUST) was registered as a society in September 1997. IHDP became the program of JUST right from the beginning and Fr. Arul J. as the Director it took up with interest the empowerment of people. After two years of implementation of IHDP phase- II (1998), there was an evaluation which was done.

As JUST was grappling with the need of making a scientific external evaluation, Dr. UIrich Dornberg, the project Director, from Missereor visited the area in March 1999. After meeting and listening to grassroots levels leaders he made a valuable suggestion, namely to do an external evaluation. As a follow up to the suggestions of Dr. Dornberg, the executive team of IHDP requested Rev. Dr. Yvon Ambroise, Caritas Asia coordinator, to conduct an external evaluation 1996-1999of IHDP Phase II. Rev. Dr. Yvon Ambroise and prof. Ramachandra, Director of ICOR (Institute for Community Organization Research) with the help of IHDP grassroots level members, animators and staff made a scientific evaluation. The evaluation team affirmed that IHDP phase II was in the right direction but as people's organization was growing JUST had to make necessary changes and offer new capacity building programs in order to make the program move in the right direction. Thus started in 2000 the third phase (2000-2004). Meanwhile a contract was signed between the fathers of the Holy Cross, North East and the Diocese of Agartala. In accordance with the contract in April 2000, the Fathers of Holy Cross handed over the ownership of IHDP program to the Diocese of Agartala. Hence than the Diocese of Agartala completed the IVth phase began from 1 st April 2006 and completed by 31 st March 2009. And now at present we are in V phase started from 1 st April 2009 and it will be completed by 31 st March 2012.

The 5 th phase Goal and objectives are as follows: -

Overall Objective /Goal

Empowerment of people through Formation of people's organization.
There by promoting a people's movement towards socio-economic independence.

Objectives of the project

Participation of women in the households and increased status in the family Involvement of the women in the social development process of the villages, block and districts of Tripura Strengthened and sustained people's organizations dealing with the issues of the villages. Improved financial status of the target communities. Better implementations of the government run development initiatives. Solution oriented work by the people's organization in terms of dealing with the issues of the villages and the community.