Community Development

Integrated Human Development Program (IHDP) was conceived and started by the Fathers of Holy Cross in the year 1990. Fr. M.C. Abraham, the erstwhile Provincial, with the help of Dr. Santiago (consultant to Misereor in Human development Promotion) gave birth to IHDP. Fr. Mathew Ullatil, CSC became the first director and with the starting of several grassroots level groups, IHDP took a concrete shape. The 5 th phase Goal and objectives are as follows: - Overall Objective /Goal Empowerment of people through Formation of people s organization There by promoting a people s movement towards socio-economic independence. Objectives of the project Participation of women in the households and increased status in the family Involvement of the women in the social development process of the villages, block and districts of Tripura Strengthened and sustained people s organizations dealing with the issues of the villages. Improved financial status of the target communities. Better implementations of the government run development initiatives. Solution oriented work by the people s organization in terms of dealing with the issues of the villages and the community.